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Ensuring Education to Poor in Post-Pandemic Era

The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought miseries to humanity across the world. Like every affected country, India also undertook measures to contain the spread of the pandemic. The lockdown was enforced in the country to terminate the chain of contagion, but it had certain consequences. The economic activities became standstill for quite a long period. Among various happenings, the most concerning was the psychological impact and absence of work that drove the majority of the workforce back to their native places. With the increasing unemployment and reduced earnings, ensuring education in the post-pandemic era will be a big challenge.

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Introspecting the COVID-19 Lockdown in India

After the declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic by WHO, India underwent lockdown starting last week of March 2020 and stopped all the ongoing activities considering that there was no other alternative to prevent community transmission. Now with the beginning of unlocking, introspecting the handling of COVID-19 lockdown holds relevance.
The continuation of the lockdowns one after the other caused the uncertainty to grow exponentially. This resulted in the migrant population making their own arrangements in the absence of any public transport. The instances of people travelling by trucks, loaders, rickshaw, auto, motorbike, cycle, and foot have been witnessed which proved more challenging than COVID-19. Travelling back to native places became a psychological challenge to them. The country witnessed a good number of deaths during such a mass movement.

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