This section is dedicated to spirituality.


It is the ability to make oneself present at two or more places simultaneously. Indian yogis have demonstrated it. Science has yet to develop itself to satisfactorily explain all such phenomena. Quantum physics, theory of dual nature of electron presented by Louis de Broglie and Schrodinger wave equation may attempt to explain phenomenon of teletransportation. There had been many events of ‘dematerialisation’, and then recreating the physical body at another place. In teletransportation, matter and energy is being transferred without traversing physical distance between two coordinates of space, whereas, time coordinate remains unchanged. Teletransportation is a psychic phenomenon. Teletransportation occurs by controlling the mind and body energies. Mind helps in movement, and body energies help in dematerialisation and re-creation. Higher and advanced yogic practices make it possible to happen. This gross or body of the being is a sync of body, mind and spirit. Spirits have subtle bodies and are free from bounds to time and space. Mind is energy. Body is matter. Thus, a coordinated action on body and mind by the spirit will cause teletransportation. True identity of every being is its spirit, and not the body. Body can be changed or even transformed at the will of spirit. – Anonymous


At death, spirit disembodies itself. After death, being becomes pure spirit. These spirits have subtle bodies and are made up of matters of fire, ether, and air. A subtle body is also called a etheric body. Due to these matters, the subtle body possesses partial characteristics of gross and is visible at times. It is called as an apparition. After death everybody becomes a spirit, and his apparition at times may confront us. Apparition (also known as ghost or phantom or spectre) is the negative energy of bad tendencies connotatively. It has negative vibrations and discomforting effects. Apparitions are often quite disturbing and may be harmful. They may possess a being, and give it an incurable disease. Medical science cannot predict and cure such a disease, as it has no physical reasons,  but has only spiritual reasons. Modern medical science deals with matter cure and correction and does not deal with energy. Apparition is spirit and spirit in subtle body form. It is energy with negligible, assume gross forms, purposes, meanings, and intents, for the good of the being is energy with negligible matter association. At birth, spirits embody themselves and assume gross form, and pick two more matters viz. earth and water from the physical world. Thus, in the physical world, an embodied spirit is made up of total of five matters earth, water, fire, ether, and air. Due to these five matters, gross assumes weight, size, and shape, and gets earth bound due to the law of gravity. All beings in their physical garbs in the physical world are made up of these five matters. There is no reason to get scared during apparition confrontation, whereas every apparition experience has some reason. Whole life runs as per a pre-decided divine plan. Every negatively perceived effect in experience, not due to any conscious and deliberate act of being, has its intriguing purposes and meanings and intents and is for good of the being. – Anonymous

We all always stay together

Beings are spirits and not physical bodies. After death, the physical body or gross is shed, and the spirit within the subtle body leaves the physical body. At times, in the house, presence or movements are felt, it is spirit presence in the house in its subtle body form. It is subtle body of those family members to whom you love and remember, and they also love and remember you, and presently not in the physical form. Thus, nobody goes anywhere, and even after the death, all spirits stay together in their family. It is the bond of unconditional love, which binds all spirits in a family irrespective of the form i.e. gross or subtle. Spirits travel spirit world, physical world and other dimensions of cosmos. Beings in their gross can only travel through the physical world, unless meditating and going for out of body experience (OBE). – Anonymous


It is another species similar to human beings but beyond the normal sensory capability of human beings. The cosmos is too magical, mysterious, uncanny and intriguing, and beyond imagination. Whatever a being can imagine, exists. Imagination is an experiential reality at the level of thought. It is the conditioning of being, which discriminate between thoughts as real or unreal, but every thought is real, every imagination is real, and not unreal. Unreal becomes real, once it is experienced at the level of gross. Conditioning is a continuously changing process. Imagination is a fanciful thought, and thoughts are poured into the being by the cosmos, which validates the existence of the imagined things in the cosmos. Time and space play a crucial role. No imagination or thought is possible without the possibility of its existence in the cosmos. Every imagination is a seeming possibility, but a dinkum existential reality in some dimension, some world, or some universe. Djinn or Jinnat can transmogrify into humans or animals. They have been experienced by many, many times and at many places. Djinn is otherwise harmless but may be revengeful at times. Djinn or Jinnat have their daily chores and other mundane tasks and matters, similar to human beings. They co-exist with human beings in the same time and space. They are spiritually inferior to human beings, as experienced. They can be made friends, and their assistance can be taken. They also take birth and die after a preset journey of life. Djinn is fond of sweets. Baby djinn is too playful and mischievous. Snakes and cats are their preferred animal forms. Djinn appears and disappears suddenly. However, their appearance has some purpose and intent. These are occult ways of messaging and telling, by the universe to human beings. Therefore, it is too necessary to hone up the senses and develop cosmic messages and signs deciphering capabilities, by establishing sync with the universe and cosmic effects, forces, and energies, for a holistic living with maximum possible experiences gathering on the planet, and best understanding of the God’s creation. Creation and the creator must integrate, and this integration is the purpose of life. – Anonymous


It is an act, as per the wish of the devil, and against the wish of gods. Before the suicide, negativity completely overpowers the being, and the brain decides that now there is no purpose and reason for further life. Suicide is not acceptable socially, spiritually, and religiously. Suicide is a snap cosmic harmony and an abrupt truncation of the journey of life, and the divine plan for a being is completely disturbed. Suicide by a being is considered as a shock in the physical world and also the spirit world. Life energy remains in full exuberance, but the physical body or gross is forcibly shed all of sudden, thus the whole sync between body, mind, and soul is broken, causing a too miserable state of this spirit after the act of suicide. Spirit regrets bitterly, cries, and attempts to come back in the physical body or gross, but once the sync is lost, there is no chance of re-establishing it again. Suicide is the worst kind of lesson, which the soul and the spirit learns. The spirit after suicide is still bound to the physical plane i.e. earth, due to its strong attachments and tendencies, and eventually becomes a ghost. They try to fulfill their worldly desires and wishes of gods, snap of cosmic harmony, gross and can be seen through some other physical being, either by entering him or riding him on and off. It is called spirit possession. Such spirits after suicide still contain a good amount of gross can be seen. Usually, they carry sinister looks in the form of a dark shadow. Those beings who are being murdered, become revengeful mischievous earthbound spirits known as poltergeist. – Anonymous


It is a divine arrangement to sustain life in the cosmos. Rain is energy in matter form. Rain is a teacher, who teaches beings about the mystical nature of existence, along with the enforcement of the law of justice i.e. rewards and penalties. Rain puts a magical coat on the entire creation of God and raises the levels of their energies. Every drop of rain falling on the being, is a healing touch of the fingers of the hand of the God. Rain de-stresses the beings. It rejuvenates the whole creation. The pitter-patter sound of rain drops is the inimitable music of nature with healing effects. Rain is a manifestation of the power of God. Rain brings with itself, a huge cache of data and information of universe energy. Rain water falling on the ground vanishes with time, and it teaches the beings about supreme acts of benevolence, charity, and help to the limits of self-effacement and disappearance. This is exactly the life model of parents, teachers, farmers, and soldiers. God wants the beings to attain these traits of godliness, ultimately leading to the unification of creation and the creator. – Anonymous

The Orb

After death, the spirit in a subtle body leaves the gross or physical body of a being.  For a few initial days, the subtle body has the exactly same shape as the physical body of the being but much smaller in size, with impressions of clothes donned at the time of death. It is an etheric body made up of fire, ether, and air. With the passage of time, the subtle body turns into a sphere, known as orb. Orb is the spirit of a being. Both, the subtle body and later orb are visible at times. They are like a mist or smoke balls. Orb is dominantly energy with very little matter. Orb is free from limits of time and space. This energy belongs to the higher dimensions, but can frequently travel in the lower dimension i.e. earth plane also, as per the divine plans and commands. Orbs are of varying colours depending upon the levels of the souls. Advanced souls have opal or pure white orbs, whereas, lower level souls have orbs of grey colour or some other darker shades.  Orbs do not usually bother any being, however, at times they may trigger some perceptible effects to confirm their movements or presence. Static or electronic noise and chirps or some other subtle electrical effects are their preferred choices and ways of making their presence felt.  Orbs glow with a certain level of radiance. Orbs are electromagnetic energies. The whole cosmos is filled with electromagnetic energy. The whole cosmic creation is a game of creation of energy from matter, and creation of matter from energy. The effects in the cosmos are due to interactions of pervading energies. A sincere invocation invites the intended orb. Orb is the true identity of a being, and the higher dimension is the true home of being. We are never alone. The loving and caring spirits always surround us and keep instilling good thoughts and good energies into us. The design of the divine is too patronizing and caring in nature. The whole creation is just a cosmic play, with no serious purpose and intent. The only aim is to keep spreading love and joy and make the show go on. – Anonymous


Fire is matter and energy, both. Fire is a too mysterious cosmic element. From where it appears, and where it fades away? As a matter of fact, fire always coexists in the dimension irrespective of time and space. It is also present in other dimensions of the cosmos. Temperature and heat are the effects of fire. In the physical plane i.e. earth plane, fire exists inside, outside, and everywhere. Fire represents fury, the highest intensity of emotions. The fire must be invoked respectfully. Fire has blessings of the trinity. It is a manifestation of a trinity with the innate powers and forces of creation, sustaining, and destroying. Fire has always been associated with the beings and the gods. It is one of the matter elements, which create a physical body or gross. Fire behaves differently with different beings, however, this behaviour is not discriminatory but based on the law of justice, what a being deserves. Fire has memory in the form of energy imprints. Fire has a core and then successive layers with varying temperatures and glow. These layers of fire are dimensional layers. Like birth and death, appearance and then the disappearance of fire are procedural actions, happening in stages. – Anonymous


The events have spiritual explanations in spirituality for which science may have its own answers or just no answers. Lifeforce or spirit enters the prospective mother’s womb somewhere between 40 to 50 days, as understood. It tries to associate itself inside after entering the womb, somewhere between 80 to 90 days from the day of conception, as understood. This association may be final then after this time period, or the spirit may even decide to leave the womb. If the spirit decides to leave the womb, the embryo now is just reduced to a lifeless lump of meat and starts disintegrating and exits. It is called a miscarriage. Miscarriage is a natural event with all the spiritual reasons. There are issues of time and space involved in it. This situation is quite similar to an event for example that someone went to meet somebody, rings the bell or knocks at the door, and before the door is opened, the visitor realizes that it is not the right time, and decides to go back and visit at the right time again. However, miscarriage is a nightmarish and overwhelmingly emotionally disturbing experience for the mother especially. A proper understanding of life by all is very essential for proper conditioning of self, leading to a proper understanding of the events in the journey of life. The mother should understand that the same spirit will visit her again at a suitable time, and will embody and reincarnate. Miscarriage is just a deferment or postponement of a spiritual plan, and not its cancellation usually. There might be a change of gender or a change in physique or a change in other emotional and physical settings now by the same spirit, in the next conception by prospective mothers. The mother will be essentially the same person. Thus, miscarriage is not a bad experience, but a different experience, for which there are obvious spiritual reasons, and karmic reasons of previous lives, which can be best known and understood by the prospective mother through the process of deep meditation or very easily through past life regression (PLR). All the major events in the journey of life can be understood for their reasons through PLR. – Anonymous

Purpose of Birth

Purpose of birth is soul advancement and paying allotted off karma for the present journey of life. Some spirits incarnate to “see and observe”, while some incarnate “to give” and others incarnate “to take”. These are various purposes of the birth of souls on the physical plane. Some spirits after their incarnation, are quite active throughout their journey of life, while others are quite passive throughout their journey of life. Advanced souls descend on earth plane with the purpose of “see and observe”. They observe the plights of beings on the planet and dedicate their entire journey of life for the welfare and education of beings like Gautam Buddha, Mahavir, etc..  These great souls incarnate with special instructions of supreme, and purely on their own wish and will. Some souls who descend on the earth plane with the purpose of “to give”, help others with no expectations, return, and selfish motives. Such souls with the purpose “to give” are too generous, helping, compassionate, and sympathetic by their tendencies, therefore thoughts and actions. These souls are benevolent. These souls are filled with love towards the entire divine creation. Philanthropists are such kind of souls. Souls with the purpose “to take” are too clever, greedy, malicious, cunning, and always wish to benefit themselves only by all means. Whatever be the tendencies, all spirits incarnate only to pay off their karma. Some children help their parents and family, more than what they took from them. Such souls have “giving” as the purpose of their birth. Some children get help from their parents and family, and they give back very little or nothing, have “to take” as the purpose of their birth. The moment these purposes, “see and observe”, “to take” and “to give” are over as per the allotted amount for this journey of life, they shed their gross, and crossover to the spirit world. – Anonymous

Out of Body Experience (OBE)

It is the experience done by being’s spirit. Spirit leaves the physical body. Spirit has the same five senses and even more, similar to the five senses of the physical body. OBE naturally happens during sleep. In the sleep state body goes under control and maintenance by the cosmic forces and energies, and the spirit exits the body. It is a natural healing process. Sleep is a sort of death except for the fact that after the sleep, the spirit returns in the physical body. In death, the spirit leaves the physical body of being for good, and crosses over to the other side, the spirit world. Out of body experiences are the experiences gathered by the spirit while out of being’s physical body. OBE is a part of the divine plan and a part of the whole cosmic design for the stability of being on the physical plane. During OBE, the spirit travels in the higher realms and dimensions, can even travel in the lower dimension or the physical plane, and meets other spirits. The divine purpose of OBE is spirits meeting. Spirit of being also contacts other spirits, who had been once the part of the current family of spirit on the physical plane i.e. the earth plane. OBE makes the extrasensory experiences possible without conscious efforts, and the being’s energies get reoriented and rejuvenated. OBE helps maintain the equilibrium between being’s energies and cosmic energies. OBE is for being’s good. It is a natural phenomenon for which religion and spirituality have all the explanations, but science cannot explain it. Scientific developments will always lag behind the spiritual experiences. Science works largely at the level of gross, whereas, spirituality works at the subtler level of spirit, inside the gross. – Anonymous

Near Death Experience (NDE)

It is essentially an out of body experience (OBE). It is OBE of death. In near death experience (NDE), people who finally did not cross over to the other side, and returned to the earth plane, after regaining their consciousness have reported experience of passing through a dark spiral or tunnel. These beings have seen their death. Their spirit leaves the body and they see body falling apart on the bed or floor or road in a pool of blood or in a fire or alike, through their spirit eyes. Many beings have reported that as death was approaching, they found the presence of spirits around them. These spirits also had their spirit guide. These spirits then take the spirit being, leaving its body in the physical world, towards a higher dimension through the tunnel. On the other side of this tunnel, these beings see a golden or white radiant light with a tinge of great healing. After crossing over to the other side of the tunnel, these beings found themselves in a totally new dimension, a new world. This world was full of peace, love, affection, compassion, empathy, and sympathy. This spirit who has just arrived is being welcomed by other spirits in this dimension. The newly arrived spirit also meets its loved ones in the spirit forms who passed over before him. They showered the same love and affection and treated him with the same care as it was when they were in their physical garbs on the earth plane. After full relaxation, there is a full review of the journey of life of being, where the being itself regrets for the mistakes done. The group of spirits attending this spirit also tell him that yet his some assignments or some physical experiences are remaining and it is not the right time of his arrival, therefore to complete the remaining part of the journey of life, he has to go back to the earth plane. And, this spirit then comes back to the physical world i.e. earth plane in a similar manner. It has been told that the dimension visited by the beings after their death was much better than this earth plane, and that was a blissful state. – Anonymous

Déjà vu

It is a feeling of having experienced similar things before. It is a psychic phenomenon. It is very common among all beings.  Beings are energies. Energy never perishes. Memory is an information which is stored as an imprint on energy. This imprint is forever. This energy is cosmic energy. Our brain acts as a transmitter and a receiver (transceiver), a processor, and a memory. Brain memory is conscious memory. Brain energy is always tuned with cosmic energy. Past experiences are stored in the unconscious or subconscious part of memory. Oldest data is stored in unconscious memory, old data is stored in subconscious memory and recent past and current data are stored in conscious memory. Being’s memory is also a part of being’s akashic record. When something is repeated like a place of a visit, or seen a vehicle or met a person or alike, brain energy resonates with the cosmic energy, and old similar data or information is fetched from unconscious memory. This gives a feel to the being that, it was experienced in the past also. Déjà vu, is a play of matter and energy, an outcome of being’s brain’s involvement with the cosmic energy. Déjà vu, occurs due to spirits assistance. Déjà vu is an outcome of the interaction of lower dimensions with the higher dimensions. Déjà vu gives an inkling to the being about some important event in some past life. For example, seeing an old building might create déjà vu. That building might have been a family house of being in some past life or maybe, it was a place of death after a long illness or alike. This whole creation is a great play, and there is no reason to be serious about it. All that is needed, is to be sincere about life and perform the journey between two milestones of birth and death with grace, dignity, integrity, love, and compassion, and empathy and sympathy. – Anonymous

Dimensions and Its Experiences

These dimensions are actually degrees of sense-perception. These dimensions are like levels of internet hacking. Here, in the world of spirituality, it is hacking for data and information in order to understand the cosmos. These dimensions are essentially experiential levels, as felt and told by great spiritual practitioners from time to time. Some have told 14 dimensions. For God, there are no two or more different dimensions, but all the one, as a matter of fact, nothing i.e. nullity (Shunyata or cipher or Shiva). Till we do not reach ultimate levels of soul advancements, there are perceptible dimensions, and it is true also to some extent to make understand self at that level of spiritual practice, and in order to narrate it to a common soul to understand. These dimensions are like various quantization levels of an analog or continuous signal, which has been digitalized, but once the degree of sense-perception is increased, i. e. sampling frequency is increased, initially we see more dimensions but after advancing further, we see less difference in levels of quantization i.e. numbers of dimensional experiences. For God, the pure consciousness, the purest energy, because of the infinite degree of sense-perception, the sampling frequency is infinite, and there is no quantization i.e. no digital signal or any number of dimensions, but just an analog signal, i.e. one dimension, or as a matter of fact no dimension no quantisation level i.e. nullity. As a being grows spiritually to the ultimate highest possible level, which is not possible, there is zero dimension. All started with nullity and ends at nullity. In between, it is a number game, which is an outcome of the duel between brain and the mind, some leftover influence of Maya “the deceptive element”. – Anonymous

Around 3.30 AM

Indian Yogic experiences evince that around 3.30 AM, something truly magical and too intriguing happens. It is the time when cosmic energy field assumes a special character and form, and a state, which becomes too supportive for meditation, learning, physical exercising, yoga, astral travelling, out of body experiences, time travelling, knowledge exploration, spirit contacting, etc.. Journey into higher realms and non-earthly planes becomes easy, around this time. There are maximum spirits movements happening around this time. Dreams happening around this time are lesser metaphoric and quite straight. The situation of the planet around this time is like full moon night when gravitational influences expand the core of the earth, and the cosmic energy field gets too intense and also conducive, thus aligned with being’s endeavours, resulting in greater efficiencies of all works carried out. It is the time when spirits are easily accessible. Guardian spirits and other senior advanced spirits can be easily recoursed to, for help and suggestions around this time. It is the time when autosuggestion works at its best. This time is being given special importance in various religions and their scriptures. Cosmic influences are maximum at this time and very easily accessible. Around this time, comparatively much lesser efforts are needed for mind management. Around this time, the spine should be kept fully erect for drawing the cosmic energy straight into the gross, stimulating all seven energy chakras from top of the skull to the bottom of the hip bone. The seven energy chakras, along the spine inside the gross, from top to bottom are the seats of consciousness, awareness, communication, emotions, energy, passion, and security. There happens an explosion of energy, and the being assumes a state of full exuberance. – Anonymous


It is a temporary death. Gross gets paralyzed during sleep. Spirit leaves the gross and travels all around in the cosmos, meets other spirits, gather new experiences during the sleep. Gross jerks during the initial stages of sleep as during those moments, spirit gradually disassociates itself with the gross. Sometimes, spirit does not come back in gross, which is called as cot death. Birth is spirit association with gross. Death is spirit disassociation with gross. Life between lives is a long sleep. Death is a long sleep. Birth is awakening after a long sleep. Birth and death is a play of spirit. Spirit is an element of cosmos. The whole cosmos itself is a sequence of plays, played by various characters, and basically an illusion. The whole creation is a play, an illusion. Spirits are trapped. There are pains and pleasures, mirth and agonies, bliss, and excruciating pains, which spirit has to experience. Through meditation and conscious efforts, spirit can come out of this trap. Life in gross form is a big melodrama. Spirits are quite free of emotions, but yet earthbound due to their past memories of gross forms of lives on the planet before. Sleep is a requirement of spirit. – Anonymous


It is a cosmic creation. It is a lower level of consciousness. Plants do not have freewill. They live as per program already put into them, in their memory. Plants do not harm, rather they just do, what they are supposed to do under the divine influences. Plants are the indispensable element of the ecosystem. They live in full symbiosis, and with synergy. The plant is an earlier stage in the soul evolution process. All human beings had been planted several thousands and lakhs of years before. The plant needs love. One plant loves another plant. Plants exhibit emotions. Plants smile and cry. Plants send vibrations. Plants read thoughts. The thought is energy. The whole universe was created out of thought. The thought is the cause of all actions, karma.  Plant as beings and other creatures as other beings have shared a time immemorial bond of mutual dependence and love, and relationships. Plants teach lessons of giving, love, passion, forgetfulness, forgiveness, staying calm and composed in all odds, and will to do sacrifices. Plants are God’s representatives on the planet. Plants through their actions prove that there is God, a supreme energy which is ruling the whole cosmos. Plants show miracles. Plants have given the knowledge of many scientific laws and processes, colours, fragrances, and behaviour. Plants are truly phenomenal in all their actions and behaviours, and a gift of the divine to the existence. – Anonymous


State of “absence of ease” is the disease.  The disease is an expression of a bad state of mind and life energies. Aura turns bad in disease. Thoughts turn bad. The disease can be cured by working on the aura and working on thoughts. The thought is energy. It all needs to a have proper understanding of the creation, and knowledge about some simple and obvious questions like, Who am I?, Why cosmos exists?. Disease curing can be done by taking the help of other energies, available in the cosmos. Energy invocation will first heal the spirit, the mind, and then the body. Until or unless, the disease is not a divine decision, it is always curable. Mind management helps in disease curing. In many situations, just a change of place (space) and environment cures the disease. It happens because of the movement of being from a space of bad energies to a space of good energies. Bad energy enervates. Good energy heals and keeps a perfect balance between body, mind, and soul. Any misalignment of body, mind, and soul creates a disease. Meditation cures diseases. A journey into the inside, helps in staying away from diseases. – Anonymous


Work is an expression of being’s energy. Work is the signature of being, in this existence, confirming its presence. Nature is a perfect lender. If gross has been lent, not only one day nature takes it back, but before that, nature expects being to contribute through work, helping the existence in shaping it better and better. Work is energy. Energy is God. Therefore, the work performed is God’s will. Work creates a rhythm of life. Work builds harmony among all beings.  Work is the manifestation of life and energy. The absence of work denotes the absence of life and energy. Work creates karma, and karma compel the being to work. There are greater work responsibilities on human beings due to their advanced faculties, provided by God. Certain works give a direct comfort to the soul, such works are the works of God. There are other works, which are done for self. The journey towards ultimate realization starts with self-realization, self-appreciation, and knowing all about self. Thus, it is also important to work for self. However, extreme care and precautions should be taken, for not becoming selfish. All initial works performed should be for self, but always with the motives of selflessness. Actually, there is nothing like self. Since normal beings identify themselves as self due to their conditioning, therefore, the soul evolution process starts with “self”, and culminates as “all”.  True work is a process starting with “I” and ending with “We”.  – Anonymous


Relationship of a child and mother is a karmic outcome. A child in a family has usually most intense karmic relationship with the mother only. Mother and child is a divine bond. Mother is the most loving and caring spirit on the physical plane and a representative of God. A spirit in the spirit world chooses its mother for its descend on the earth plane. Angels of pink colour, representing great affection and happiness, associate mother all the time during the making of a child.  In the spirit world, for every being, spirit associations are being made for all lifetimes. Mother showers unconditional love, and in most of the cases make great sacrifices for its child. This instinct is programmed into mother spirits of all species of all life forms by the divine. Life is a game of union and separation of body, mind, and spirit of one being with body, mind, and spirit of another being in the physical plane,  however, it is the union of mind and spirit only in the spirit plane, as there is no gross element. Karma decides mother. A relationship of the highest intensity in a lifetime, becomes the basis for mother and child relationship in the next lifetime. Mother is the guardian spirit in gross form, therefore, deserves extreme veneration. – Anonymous


Temple is definitely not a place of residence of God. God is the supreme energy, and no definite sized concrete structure can contain that intense energy. Interestingly, this supreme energy can be kept in the structure which is itself God created, the beings. God cannot live in temples but definitely God lives in the hearts of beings. God is energy which needs full dedication and extreme love for example Meera and Lord Krishna, Hanuman and Lord Ram. God is the energy, which is all-pervading and lives all over. Temple is a place of accumulation of positive energy, invoked through mantra (simple communication), tantra (coded systemic communication having high effects), and yantra (special devices). Temple is a place of collection of pious thoughts. Piety is the essence of the character. Character is a mirror image of the true-self of beings. Temples have a special shape, as a result, they naturally act as an accumulator and reservoir of energy. That accumulated energy is then filtered through prayers, place cleaning, and burning of essence.  Temples are a place, which help in creating and then establishing communication with higher spirits. Temples are the essential part of the journey of life of normal beings, where always advanced souls and spirits are available for listening, caring, and healing. – Anonymous


Freewill is the freedom of thoughts. Freewill changes the course of life of human beings. Freewill creates good or bad karma. Freewill has the power to affect self-growth through soul evolution. God has given freewill only to human beings. Rest other beings live their lives as per a preset program without any freewill, already put into their minds at the time of their advent in a given life form on the planet. Freewill has the power to change, and also, to create destiny. Freewill is the choice to opt, choice to choose or not choose, and the choice to act. Freewill is available only to humans, therefore, in this respect human beings are better privileged over animals. Privileges come along with responsibilities. Responsibilities towards self, towards other creatures and the existence. Freewill is a blessing of God. In human beings, freewill is exercised by mind. Choice (C) lies between birth (B) and death (D). The life is a divine design and and a cosmic play of these three letters, B-C-D-C-B (a loop). There is seemingly no control over birth. However, birth affects choices, and in turn, choices affect the death. Through mind management and self-control, even birth can also be controlled to good extent, as birth to choice and then to death are the acts or events lying on a single karmic loop, therefore, one affects another. Through an awakened journey of life and then death, next birth can be controlled. Freewill can be better exercised through proper mind management. Mind can be better managed by knowing the self through contemplation, meditation and inner journey. – Anonymous


It is physical autonomous action, and manifestation of extreme or uncontrollable emotions. Tears release the trauma and distress resulting out of an event. Pain causes tears. Tears are interactive outcomes of body, mind and spirit. Tears ease the inner stress, and are comforting and healing in nature. Tears are a divine solution gifted to normal beings to respond at the level of gross under specific circumstances in order to remain physically, emotionally and mentally stable. Tears need unique stimuli, that varies from one being to another. It is because of their different levels of spiritual growth. Enlightened souls do not shed tears. The reason for shedding tears is ignorance and wrong understanding of events. No event is either good or bad in this illusory world. No event is real. Then why to shed tears? For normal beings, worldly experiences are overridden with Maya, the deceptive element, the illusory element. Enlightened souls carry utter calmness in every situation as they can see behind the veil. A proper understanding of cause and effect will result in no tears, but will lead to a sensible realisation, and better understanding of the worldly experiences. Tears are emotions. Emotions are outcome of sense-perception. Beings must strive to gain full control of their emotions through proper understanding of the events. The key to it is “believe in God”, the supreme energy, which is too compassionate and benevolent for all. Life is at the helm of God, a perfect controller. In tougher times of the journey of life, God does not walk along, but lifts and snuggles all its lovely souls. – Anonymous

We all are connected

We all affect each other. We all are connected. Our gross’s molecules are connected to gross molecules of another being through the molecules of air and the ether. Vibrations of a being travel through the ether in the whole cosmos and reach other beings. Thoughts affect aura. Thought is an energy. Aura is self electromagnetic field. This electromagnetic field interacts and affects cosmic electromagnetic field. Thus, every being is affected, and is connected. Similarly, other beings affect our electromagnetic field. Thus, there exists an averaged electromagnetic field. Universal consciousness is averaged individual’s consciousness. Thoughts of beings are electromagnetic fields, which create an energy , that travels all over the cosmos. Telepathy is such a connection. Reiki healing is such another connection. Black magic is an example of such a bad connection. This way, not only one being is connected to another being, but also to the spirits, and most importantly the supreme energy the God. – Anonymous

Love and Forgiveness is the Only Way

Love is an attribute of the soul, a gift of the divine to beings. Forgiveness is a matter of choice, to be executed by the mind and brain of beings. Unconditional love is the essence of life. The degree of forgiveness denotes the level of enlightenment. Love is, getting integrated with the rests in the experience and existence, and forgiveness helps in this process of this integration. Love and forgiveness are essential for creating good karma. Love is the only principle, on which the whole cosmos exists and works. Forgiveness can only be exercised by superior souls. Love and forgiveness are the lessons to be learnt in a given physical life form of a being. Life is a test. In order to pass this test, beings must shower unconditional and indiscriminate love on other beings and elements of creation, along with forgiveness. Love and forgiveness make life blissful, and in their absence life becomes too miserable. Love and forgiveness both create positive energy imprints. These two attributes create a positive energy field and vibrations. The culmination of love and forgiveness is the state of godliness. Loving and forgiving spirits are angels, whereas spirits with the characteristics of hate and revenge are ghosts, devils, and demons.  – Anonymous


Water is a mysterious, magical, and miracle element of cosmos. Water is a healer. Water is a cleanser. Water has memory. Water if subjected to different types of vibrations positive or negative, assumes crystal structure accordingly, if frozen. Water behaves differently for different beings. Also, behaviour of water changes with time, space, and other dimensions. Water affects the state of mind. Water is one of the five basic elements of gross. Water is the sustainer. Water is a powerful medium used for invocation, blessing, or even cursing. Water is transparent and does not hide anything. Water teaches many lessons to beings for their happy journey of life and soul evolution. – Anonymous


Ego is a sense of  “I” or “self”. Thought of “I” gets converted into “my” in actions by beings. “I” leads to illness. An evolved soul completes its journey of life with its identification as “We”. “We” leads to wellness. Ego leads to false and misleading identification. Ego is a negative play of mind. It is a negative trait of being. Ego is never appreciated by the existence. Ego creates negative karma. When life is led in a broader perspective of “We”, it becomes blissful. On the contrary, life becomes miserable, if it is led parochially with the notion of “I”. Life is a test, and nothing else. Ego is responsible for a poor score in this test of life. Since life is all about mind management, therefore, ego the play or trick of the mind, should be identified and worked upon till its annihilation. – Anonymous

A Worm

It is a small-sized cosmic creation by the divine. A worm is a being, with a certain level of consciousness. Its world is delineated within bounds of its own dimensions of time, space, and others. Dimensions are always relative and change from one being to another, but always perfect for a being. Dimensional experiences are not the same for all beings. Every being starts its journey on the planet with certain allotted time and space bounds, and other dimensional sets of experiences. In the allotted time and space bounds and other dimensional boundaries, it is being’s complete and perfect world. The worlds are different from one being to another, even different within a given species. Divine’s design is like that only. That is why, beings arrive at different times, and exit at different times. No two beings match for their time, space, and other dimensional coordinates with another, therefore, being’s world gets unique. Worm’s world is different from the human’s world. A worm starts its journey with a certain allotted amount of karma, and the journey ends, when karma is complete for a given lifetime on the planet. A worm is a part of existence and works under the divine commands. No way, existential experiences of one beings are inferior or superior to others, and should never be compared, as these are always perfect and best, matching to their levels of consciousness. A worm is an infinitesimally small fraction of universal energy, the God. Worm deserves the same respect, love, and admiration, similar to other divine creations. A worm is not a waste or a hazard, but an essential and indispensable element of the cosmos. – Anonymous


There is nothing, that happens by chance in this cosmos. Either it is an outcome of being’s karma or an act of higher spirits or God. Spirit is energy. God is the supreme energy. Serendipity is not the conscious effort outcome of being, but a response sent by the divine or higher spirits, to some thought or request of being, or just a piece of guidance for the future course of actions of being. Coincidence is such an effect, created by the divine or higher spirits, for giving inkling to being in dilemma and other critical situations. Serendipity is the divine help to a being to proceed further on the journey of life. Depending upon being’s allotted karma for a lifetime, serendipity takes its own shape and course. Serendipity is imperceptible design before its occurrence but gets full perceptible after its physical occurrence. Serendipity accompanies being for its life’s good. Serendipity shapes the destiny of being. Serendipity is shot in the arm for easy progression, and evolution of the soul, of being. – Anonymous

True Relationship

A true relationship is an eternal divine bond between two souls. A true relationship is based on unconditional love. It is based on trust. It is free from expectations. It is based on the attitude of “giving” only. There is no comparison in true relationships. True relationships do not happen at the levels of gross but at the levels of subtle. A true relationship exists between the souls, before they assume gross and start their journey of life on the planet, and exists even after gross is shed. Only love is permanent. Therefore, true relationships which are always based on unconditional love, are also eternal. A true relationship is a blessing and divine design for easing the journey of life.  True relationships happen between two beings having similar vibrations. Like attracts like. A true relationship is non-expressive,  yet completely perceptible and felt. A true relationship is beyond time and space and other dimensions. – Anonymous

When the student is ready, teacher will appear

The cosmos is too mysterious and magical so is our world i.e. set of experiences. Being to be a student, needs a certain attitude. Being a student is a state of receptiveness with full faith, belief, respect while exercising the utmost power of attention and concentration. The teacher is given by nature, the cosmos. The teacher appears before the student. It is a divine design. When the thoughts are sent, these are received, and then responded by the higher spirits, the guiding spirits. This experience is truly magical, and it always works. It works for everybody and in every situation. It is basically the interaction of spirits. The interaction of spirit of being acting as a student, and the higher spirits acting as teachers. Physical manifestations are also there in the form of response like some sound, appearance of the bird, some animal, some call from your own member of the family or some other event. The journey of life is never alone, neither at the physical level nor at the spiritual level. Spirit guides and angels are always ready to help us and get the being spiritually progressed in every journey of life. These evolved spirits even teach the spirit of being in the period of life between lives, on the other side. Thus, one of the existing eternal relationships is, of student and teacher, in all planes, dimensions, and realms. – Anonymous


Beings should possess an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude to existence. Gratitude to God. Gratitude to cosmos and other existing beings. Attitude is action exhibited by beings on the basis of thoughts. Thoughts are interactive outcomes of the brain and mind. Attitude is further affected by the life conditioning of being. A right attitude based on the purity of thoughts and nobility of character, which is divine’s wish. Any deviation from this goes against the divine’s wish and creates negative karma. Karma affects every moment of life and its whole purpose. Attitude is the outcome of karma, and attitude further creates karma. There is a larger portion of attitude, which is brought by being at the time of birth, and it is uncontrollable. The remaining portion of attitude is fully controllable through the conscious efforts of being.  Attitude must be correctly understood and worked upon by being, irrespective of false and deceptive approvals of the physical world, which itself is under the complete influence of Maya. Attitude is the courier of being in the journey of life and should take the being from its present state to the state of godliness. – Anonymous


When nothing works, hope works. Hope is a divine encouragement to the being in the time of crisis and severe difficulty. Hope is a statement of soul and spirit, and spirit guide. Hope is the mind’s creation. Loss of hope causing disappointment is the brain’s creation. The brain should not be left unsupervised. Soul overriding the brain must be consciously felt by the being all the time. It can be felt by awakening and enlightenment. The awakened state of life frees the being from miseries of life journey and life becomes blissful. Hope is a healer. Hope is a divine blessing on being. Hope is a positive feeling. Hope is positive energy. Hope should not be left, whatever be the circumstances. Hope had the capability to turn every negative into positive. Beings must put efforts into converting hope into conviction. – Anonymous

Are we alone?

Being is neither physically alone and nor spiritually alone. When being starts its journey on the planet, it is being welcomed by angels. Mothers feel it. Angels are positive energies, good spirits. When a being completes its journey on the planet and sheds its gross, again spirits come to receive, and accompany it to the other side. During the journey of being on the planet, guardian spirit or spirit guide accompanies all through. Being’s journey of life is not alone but fully guided. Spirit guide gives its opinion in the form of hunch or gut feeling, the sixth sense. Members of the family of a being are also accompanying spirits in gross form. Internally, there is a soul in every being, which is God, thus God also, always accompanies being. A narrow outlook of life gives a notion of loneliness causing fear, whereas an awakened state of life, gives an understanding of spirit accompaniment, thus giving courage during the journey of life. – Anonymous


It is a group of souls and spirits, of similar vibrations. Comfort is a happy state that exists at the soul level. Any state at this level is only real. Comfort at the physical level is a deception. Home, which is a soul group, operates at a certain level of averaged vibrations and energy. Home becomes a happy home when this level of averaged vibrations and energy is high. Home becomes bad when this level is low. Physical accumulations give physical comfort, but do not give happiness. Physical accumulations through physical actions are acts of the brain. Whereas, happiness is a state of mind, and has to do nothing with the physical accumulations. The brain is dominantly a matter composition, powered by energy. Whereas, the mind is just energy. Home is always complete since it is based on soul relationships. Souls always exist. Soul-to-soul communication is always possible, all it needs is the purity of thoughts with a strong character. Thus, a home, a group or family of souls, is never incomplete, but always complete. Home creation is a phenomenon of soul relationships, beyond births and deaths. Home is essentially a soul relationship layout, based on divine decisions, a micro micro… subset of cosmic design, and not a creation only by beings. Home is a preplanned cosmic act, in all time and space references. – Anonymous


God is universal energy. Energy exists, so God also exists. Who decided shapes, sizes, colours, fragrances, anatomy, species, oceans, seas, deserts, rivers, mountains, plains, forests, galaxies, fluids, weathers…? This universal energy is all capable, the omnipotent. It is the creator, the architect, the sustainer and, also the destroyer. Energy manifests itself through matter. God can be invoked. When a being raises its energy to the level of prevalent universal energy, resonance occurs and God is being invoked. This phenomenon is similar to the functioning of a radio. When the tuning circuit of a radio is being adjusted for frequency, matching the signal frequency, the signal is being received. Purpose of prayer of God is tuning frequency of being with the universal frequency, the God. Clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy are the acts of frequency resonance. This universal energy is not discriminatory but works only on the principle of equality. Beings are individuated energies of the same universal energy but impure in nature. Making energy pure, and then getting integrated once again with the universal energy, is the only way of getting rid of the loop of birth and death, and purpose of life. Physicality or gross is being given to the being, only for the purpose of purification of its energy. Settlement of karma happens automatically in the process of energy purification, and meeting the God, and getting integrated with it for good. – Anonymous


Health is usually related to the “state of gross” of a being. The only indicator of good health is the presence of enthusiasm. Lack of enthusiasm is bad health. I have to go, and I will go, are too very distinct statements from the viewpoint of health and enthusiasm. Health is a state of mind. Life is nothing but mind management. The brain has too limited power. The mind has unlimited power. A disease may be medically incurable, however, every ailment how serious it be, is curable at the level of mind. However, the mind is also constrained by the decisions of existence, cosmos, and being’s destiny. – Anonymous

The Spirit World

The cosmos is ever-expanding and dimensionally infinite. There are multiple universes i.e. multiverse. There are innumerable galaxies with innumerable suns, moons, earth, and other planets. Spirit World is a higher dimension, a higher plane, much above the plane of earth, where spirits reside after death, and before birth. Ether is the matter, that is filled in the above atmosphere. There is no religion in the Spirit World. There are spirits of all levels, residing in the Spirit World.  Spirits have very subtle gross form. Spirits are powered by energy and made up of fire, ether and air components of matter. Spirits reside in ether. Spirits can be seen at times as they glow due to the fire component. Space and distance are no bar for spirits. They are able to move with infinite speed, and in fact can be experienced to exist at different places at the same time. Spirits act independent of dimensions of time and space. Spirits of a being carry the tendencies after the death of being, which were present at the time of death. The tendency is a state of mind. Happy and satisfied death is therefore essential for a happy state of spirit in the Spirit World. Heaven and Hell are the states of spirit after death, in the Spirit World. The best and most powerful spirit administering the Spirit World is known as “the Lord of Spirit World”. – Anonymous


Soul and spirits do not have any religion. There is no religion in the spirit world. Blood has no religion. The skin has no religion. The matter has no religion. Energy has no religion. Happiness and sorrow have no religions. They are just what they are, and nothing to do with the religion. Religion is man created. Religion in essence, is a way of life. Every human being has its own way of leading life based on thoughts, words, and actions. Religion is just not worshipping. Religion is the whole journey of life. With this notion, there are innumerable religions, rather religions within religion. The essence of religion is “wellness of beings”. It includes the whole creation. The core of religion includes love, joy, and peace. Happiness, compassion, tolerance, patronage are other commandments. Religion was mostly, wrongly understood and applied, which was again a cosmic trick, in order to teach every civilization that “good conquers bad”. – Anonymous

Who comes in our family ?

There are several laws of nature. One law is “Law of Attraction” or “similar attracts similar”. Souls of similar vibrations and tendencies come in our family. The being assumes gross form in order to settle its karmic accounts with other family members, relatives, and neighbours. Some souls come to give, some come to take, some to guide and others come to observe. Thus, souls are doers with different life objectives better known to their subconscious. Negative and positive karma creates credit or debit in the karmic account. The gross is given to pay off karmic debts, and reduce the negative karmic accumulations “Sanchita”.  The allotted karma are unchangeable for normal beings called destiny or “Pra’rabdh”. Birth and then death and then again birth, is a trap, a loop. Karmic accumulations are the reason for remaining trapped in this loop. The souls in a family must evolve spiritually in life in order to achieve more and more cosmic power and divine blessings. When the allotted karmic debts are fully paid off, gross is being shed for a new role or journey of life either in the same group of souls or other, with respect to a certain time and space references as decided by being and other superior spirits on the other side in the higher dimensions or higher realms or non-earthly higher planes, before the birth of being. Life is a cosmic play, a cosmic joke. It is an illusion. Relationships are an illusion. Whether it is life or relationships of being with members of family and others, must be sincerely worked out on principles of utter goodness. – Anonymous

We are gods

innumerable germs, bacteria, and viruses inhabit a physical body. The physical body is their creator, sustainer, and terminator. For these microorganisms, the physical body is their whole universe and also set of experiences. Beings are gods for these microorganisms residing inside the physical body. There is a symbiotic relationship between the physical body and the microorganisms, as it exists in our universe. Interestingly, the god of beings is also residing inside the physical body, “The Soul”. Many generations of these microorganisms get passed in a lifetime of a physical body. These microorganisms always pray for the wellness of the physical body, as their survival depends upon the physical body’s survival. The shedding of the physical body is a catastrophic event for these microorganisms, the end of their universe. As the body keeps on changing itself, so changes the universe. There is consciousness inside the consciousness because of microorganisms living inside the physical body. Thus, many worlds within a world. – Anonymous


Birthday is a wrong date. Birthday on the date celebrated, is just a clinical data, and not a cosmic data. On this clinical date, journey of life of being had begun. But what about the state of being before this date? Before this clinical date, there was also a certain state of being, not on the earth plane, but had in the higher planes or dimensions or realms. Beings were born, when universe had come into existence. There had been a certain process of evolution over innumerable years, which led to physical and spiritual developments. Beings are soul, and not the body. Consciousness is an instrument of Soul. Soul is time immemorial. The matter composition of body, also did not happen on the day when birthday is celebrated. The day, which is considered as birthday has only chronological connotation, which is actually an incorrect number. Birth and death are fictions. Talking about birthday is attempting to define something chronologically that has always existed. Dual of birth is death. Birth and death denote, entry and exit of soul, in and from the gross. These are just two major transitions in beings limited experiences of the gross forms of life, and just two major events in the journey of life. Life had always existed, whether perceptible or not? Life had always existed in some form, if not on this planet, then on some other planet. – Anonymous

Seat of Wisdom – Brain or Soul

Soul dictates the brain. There had been many biomedical experiments on beings carried out by prestigious universities of the west, evincing that brain is not the seat of wisdom, rather the brain also gets instructions from something inside the physical body. Many such interesting incidents have also happened. The brain has been observed to act as the secondary element and not the primary element, which receives its command from something somewhere inside the physical body. The brain is matter. The soul is energy. Energy drives matter. In any system, it is the energy that creates work through the matter.  Thus, the true seat of wisdom is the soul and not the brain. – Anonymous

Physical Body – A Power House

Physical body houses the mind, spirit, and soul. The physical body is a powerhouse. Like an electrical grid containing electrical wires, there is a blood vessel grid of arteries and veins in the physical body. Blood contains ions, thus there is a movement of ions. The flow of ions creates ionic current. Bio-potentials are available at every cell of the human body. EEG, EMG, ECG ate bio-potential graphs with respect to time for brain, muscle and heart respectively. These bio-potentials are tiny electrical voltages. Thus, in a physical body, both voltages and currents are present. Voltage and current create electrical power. Thus, the body is a powerhouse. This voltage and current create the physical body’s own electromagnetic field, known as the aura. Bio-potentials and bio-currents are due to the availability of matter and component of cosmic energy inside the physical body. At birth, this component of cosmic energy enters the child in making, and at death, the same is being returned. Thus, nature acts as a lender, who takes back, what is once given. The power house is de-commissioned, for a re-commissioning once again, with the new plant, machine, and its operator, a new Power House. – Anonymous


Aura is a subtle emanation from the physical body. Aura is an electromagnetic field enveloping our physical body. Aura is depicted as halo, a disc of light behind the heads of gods. Aura is of different colours ranging from black, gray to opal white. Black is a bad aura. Opal white is a very good aura, Pure white aura is achieved after complete dissolution and salvation when a being has become free of the loop of birth and death and integrated with the supreme. Aura is affected by thoughts. Thoughts create vibes or ripples in the electromagnetic field of beings. Aura interacts with the electromagnetic field of the cosmos. When aura resonates with the cosmic electromagnetic field, there is a comfortable feeling, else there is a feeling of discomfort. Thoughts affect physiological functioning, therefore, the quality of blood. The varying ionic proportions and their mobility in the blood create an ionic current of different nature and magnitudes throughout the physical body. Ionic current conduction happens through cells and tissues of the physical body. The flow of current creates an electrical field and magnetic field. Yogic practices affect the quality of breathing, thus affecting the functioning of the respiratory system, and eventually blood quality. Thoughts create karma, thus it is the karma that affects aura. Karma is the principal activity of life. Aura should be strong. Advanced souls have a very strong aura, which makes their presence felt from long distances. When two auras match, they resonate, thus making telepathy possible.  Telepathy is a natural way of communication of thoughts. – Anonymous


There is energy pervading all over in the cosmos. Energy can be good or bad. Duality is applicable for energies, also. Ghost is a negative or bad energy. Angels are positive or good energies. If the aura of a being gets weak, being becomes an easy receptor to such negative and bad energy, also known as spirit possession. Physical, emotional, and spiritual strengths are needed, for not becoming prey to such spirit possessions. Ghosts are energies residing in the lower planes of the earth with certain physicality i.e. some constitution of gross. These can be visible at times. Ghosts are spirits having an untimely transition from the earth plane, with unfulfilled desired and strong attachments to the earthly pleasures, wealth, possession, and desires. Ghosts have their own worlds and do not interfere barring few incidents. A very strong negative emotion or characteristic may be the effect of such negative energy, which can be self-cured by strong self-will or energy curing by others. – Anonymous


Worshipping is an art,  exercised with the utmost purity of thoughts. Worshipping works. Worshipping is an act of using the power of attraction and, attention and concentration on a single point, be it an idol or some symbol. Worshipping is an act of concentrating brain energies and minds, all together. A brain has the energy of many suns. Worshipping is an act, similar to focusing sun beams on a single point with the help of a convex lens, and thus igniting the fire. Worshipping is further augmented by utterances of verses or chants or hymns or mantras or shlokas.  The utterance of these further adds to the efficacy of the whole worshipping process. These utterances are carefully crafted words of high syllables and decibels. The purity of thoughts and character is essential for worship to work, else it is hypocrisy, a waste. Worshipping is a natural way of communication. The two first creations, when the cosmos came into existence were Naad (sound, word “Aum” mistakenly called Om) and Noor (Light). Rest, whole creation later emerged from these two. Utterances while worshipping, also create synchronization of worshipping efforts, thus heightening the intensity of worshipping, similar to men yelling while hauling a heavy load. Sound is also energy. Light is added in the worshipping act by lighting the fire. Light and fire are energies. Energy contains force. True worship with correct utterances, lamps lighting, and gesturing invokes divine spirits or energies. Worshipping contains the component of telepathy with the force of light, sounds, and action, thus establishing the intended communication. Thus, a state of resonance is created, and a link established. – Anonymous

One World or many?

The world is a set of experiences. Every being has its unique experiences, therefore, every being has its own world. World changes with time and space. No two beings in a given species have the same world. For a given time and space, there is a whole new and complete world. The world is an outcome of brain activities, and characteristics of mind, soul and spirit. The world creates our likings and preferences. The world creates hobbies. The world brings in determination, passion, and obsession. The world changes in different physical states. There is a whole day world. There is a complete night world. Worlds are also bound by the component of duality. Every creation in nature has its own changing world. An ant has its own world. A dog has its own. Trees have their own world. Worlds cannot be judged to be superior or inferior. Worlds are ever-changing and become a new world with every unfolding of a set of events. The nature of the world affects relationships, thoughts, and actions, and therefore the journey of life. At a point of time and space, there is one world, but in the perspective of time and space as two distinct and expanding dimensions, there are many worlds. – Anonymous


Colours are a cosmic creation. Colours are created by Sun. Colours are different intensities and magnitudes of fire. Colours help brain in process of sense-perception. Colours are threads of relationships. Colours create an integration of beings with the cosmos. Colours and moods are interdependent and affect each other. Mood is a state of mind. Colours are pointers of time and space, also. Maya uses colours for deception. Colours affect the journey of life. Colours have mind association, which is carried by the beings all through their previous lives to the present life. Beings have different likings for different colours. Colours are pointers of state of enlightenment and awakening of beings. Colours create worlds. Colours define day and night. Colours are an indicator of the purity of mind, soul, and spirit. Journeys of lives are undertaken in the direction of white colour,  which is the point of creation of all colours. White depicts godliness. Black represents the devil. Colours like any other cosmic creation, are also bound by duality. Every colour has got its dual. White colour depicts simplicity, serenity, purity, calmness, peace, love, and above all capacity of “all acceptance”, which are the few among many purposes of life. – Anonymous

Power of Thoughts

The universe was created out of thought. Thoughts are signals that are transmitted and received by neuro transceivers of the brain. Thoughts are sent out into the universe, similarly, thoughts are also received from the universe. Thoughts create physical actions. The thought comes first, it is spoken next, and eventually acted upon. Mere emergence of thought creates karma. Good thought creates positive karma. Bad thought creates negative karma. Life is a result of thoughts. Life events are affected by karma. Death is a thought. Thought of death is very necessary to lead a happy life as it teaches the art of dying. The thought is an instrument of consciousness. A blissful death happens in a fully conscious or awakened state. Death which did not happen consciously creates a miserable state of mind, which is quite painful to the state of being, after passing on to the other side. Thought is power. Thought is energy. Thought is the bridge between being and the cosmos. The mind creates thoughts through the brain. The brain analyses the thought, and accordingly, the action is either performed or not performed. A good thought is a carrier of good energy which heals, as in Reiki. A bad thought transmits bad energy, which harms, as in black magic. – Anonymous

Law of Association

It is one of the many laws of nature. The human brain carries out association based on situations, circumstances, and events in life. Perceptions and experiences depend on the association. Fear, thrill, ecstasy, anxiety, calmness, anger, compassion, melancholy, perplexity, depression are the outcomes of association. Memory is based on association. Relationships are worked out, according to association done by the brain. Mind creates negative elements in the process of association. The dilemma is a negative element of doubt added to the association. In normal beings, mind associates itself to negative effects greater than the positive effects. Some times mind tries to forget good effects that cause fear, anxiety, distress, and tension. Many times mind Mind tries to forget the negatives effects as a result beings get happy. It is because of association fallouts that a child wants to grow fast and become an adult. A child emulates elders. A child is not happy with childhood. Old persons are unhappy with their states, because of association fallouts, and wish to become a child. Elders say childhood was best. If the association is loose, it creates confusion, and the thought process is adversely affected. Association creates indecisiveness, if not rooted deeply with correct and larger weightages attached to it, during the learning, in the life of beings. Conditioning of beings is, also a function of brain association, which is based on the Law of Association, that defines and accompanies beings through their journey of lives. – Anonymous

Sun and The Life

Sun is a great cosmic element, which sustains the life, in all its forms, through all of its stages. Sun creates life. Sun contributes in the gravitational balance of other planets and celestial bodies and has created days and nights, rain, fire, tides, heat, wind, taste, smell, colours, fluids, shapes and sizes. Sun is the son of cosmos. Fire is one of the five matters, which creates gross. Fire is an element of higher realms, and not of earth. Fire accompanies subtle even after gross is shed. Sun is force, power and energy. Sun creates a transfer of mass (matter) and energy. Also, Sun is responsible for creating mass (matter) and energy equilibrium, and conservation. Sun is an indispensable part of the nature control system. Sun creates variations in the moods of beings. It is the element of life force. Through certain practices, life can be made to re-enter into the gross with the help of radiant energy of the sun, even if it had exited.  Sun is a cosmic blessing to the beings, a co-traveller and guardian, in the journey of life of beings. – Anonymous


Dreams are the projections of the brain in nature induced hypnotic state. Gross goes paralytic in sleep state, and subtle inside the gross becomes active. Dreams are always real, however, they can be metaphoric. Many inventions like the sewing machine, DNA structure happened in dreams. The brain can not project anything which is not possible in experience. Trance is a dream state. Dream creates out of body experience, and clearly tell that true-self is distinct from the gross i.e. the physical body. Dreams are astral projections created through astral travel by the true-self or the life element of beings. Dreams occur at a certain level of sleep state. Dreams create an integration of being with the cosmos. Dreams show future events in the present time. Dreams are multidimensional in nature with certain time and space coordinates. Daydreaming and night dreaming are all the same except that in the day there are too many distractions and night dreaming has less, therefore experiences go to the next level. Dreams in night exhibit the true personality of beings for its nature like brave, coward, forgiveness, anger, cupidity, love, hate, etc.. Dreams reveal that brain never sleeps. Dreams have the immense capability of operating at any level, limited consciousness or subconscious or unconscious. Dreams create eye movements similar to that of the non-dream state. There is no difference in sense perceptions except the difference of experiential level in dreams. Dreams are a cosmic gift to beings, and a constant source of premonition, inspiration, and motivation so as to support the journey of life. – Anonymous


Choice accompanies beings through their journey of life. The choice is free will, a cosmic empowerment to beings. Choice dictates beings to either follow their brain or, gut feeling or hunch.  Free will creates positive karma or negative karma. Choice is a trick and a play of mind. Choice creates right and wrong. The choice is the freedom to chose and act. Hunch is a cosmic suggestion made by being’s soul and spirit, supported by the guardian and other higher spirits. Hunch is always correct. The power of attention and concentration helps in listening to the hunch. Hunch operates through all three levels of the brain, conscious, subconscious, and unconscious, whereas the brain only works at a conscious level. The conscious level has very limited memory of this life, whereas subconscious and unconscious are deeper and deepest levels of memory and energy imprints of all the lives. Thus, the reference memory data set used by hunch is inordinately larger than the reference memory data set used by the brain of being. This makes hunch superior over brain suggestions. The choice made, or free will exercised, guided by hunch is the only right act with divine endorsement. -Anonymous

Faith, Love and Devotion

Unshakable faith, unconditional love, and utter devotion are the three tenets of an advanced soul. Being is the soul. The soul is energy. Faith makes a man cut the mountains, faith makes God come rushing to a true devotee at times of distress and dire needs. It is the faith of a child, who is swung into the air, that he will be caught safely back by his father or mother, and the child smiles in the air. So should be the relation between the divine and beings based on faith, a relation of unshakable faith. Faith comes with the purity of thoughts. Faith is the essence of all relations. An unconditional love will always be comforting. It gives eternity to the relationships. It adds sweetness in the relations. An unconditional love is free from desires and expectations. A happy journey of life is free from desires and expectations. Do your duties selflessly. There is no achievement bigger than the divine blessings. Divine blessings are not easily identifiable and comprehensible, but they happen. Utter devotion is key to attainments. Devotion brings in mesmerising effects for the actions performed. It makes the attainments truly magical. Faith, love, and devotion take beings to the next level, which is closer to the point of complete perfection. Faith, love, and devotion are the binding threads, responsible for peace and happiness of the whole creation. These are three linkages between   “The Creator” and “The Creation”. – Anonymous

Maya – The deceptive element

Maya is also a cosmic creation that exists in thoughts first and then manifested in actions. Maya beguiles. Maya distracts beings from true path in their journey of life. Maya is an imperceptible element in thoughts and becomes perceptible in the actions of beings. Life is an examination. Maya is created so as to flunk the beings unless a correct definition and purpose of life are not understood. Maya is like a word or phrase or a riddle in the question statement, which prompts beings to solve the question wrongly. Maya is an illusory element of thought. Maya is like a noise or chirp or jitter in an electronic signal, which is mistakenly considered as a true signal component without the knowledge of it being unwanted. A noisy signal upsets the whole working of the equipment. So is the role of Maya, if it is not being identified and separated, it creates wrong decisions and actions in life. It is a deterrent in correct understanding of the milieu of beings. Maya if identified and understood properly, it helps in the right decision making and actions. – Anonymous

Time and Space – Reality or Illusion?

Time and space all emanated from a single point. Their experiences by beings are because of perceptions and experiences of expanding the universe. Expanding the universe is an illusory experience, a play of gross brain. Through meditation and other yogic practices, efforts are made for moving from divergence to convergence, the inner journey, going back to home. The convergence culminates in nullity, a single point, the Shiva. At this point, nothing is left, it is empty, no time, no space, no me and you, rather all become one, “The Adyait”, the non-duality, one “God”, “Ek Omkar”. At this point, there is the complete dissolution of self, and eventually, all integrated into one. The capabilities of sense-perception at this point become infinite leading to the emergence of infinite possibilities. It is a single point of the trinity, the omnipotent, the creator, the sustainer, and the terminator. This is the point from where the cosmic drama started and comes into experiences. Beings define themselves on time and space, which is an utter fallacy. Time and space are the elements of mind, basically an illusion, confusion. Time and space in a smaller perspective are confusingly considered to be real, but in a larger perspective, these are figments of being’s fiction, an illusion, the non-existing. Being is changing continuously in its matter composition and experiences. Then which composition and experiences were real, previous, or just now or those which are going to follow. There is nothing like just now. By the time it is experienced it becomes past and replaced by the future. Past, present, and future are all the same, a single point. Space is also a single point. Its perceived expansion is merely a projection of a cosmic joke and duel between the gross brain and the subtle mind. The beings who win over it can time travel, can teletransport themselves, and become clairvoyant. – AnonymousDisclaimer: For every religion, sect and society

There is life, life and only life: Nature and Life

Nature is the creator. Nature nurtures. Nature sustains. Nature is the mother of all. There is life, and only life with different forms, and transitions. Life is energy. Energy only changes its form and never perishes. Nature works on certain laws like gravitation, magenisation, attraction, equality, electricity, and life is accordingly moulded. One of the several manifestations of life is the gross body of being. Nature is all caring. Nature is never revengeful, but always affectionate. For a plant to shoot up, it is necessary for a seed to shed its gross form. The seed has not vanished, just got transformed into the plant. A small seed contains enormous possibilities. It grows one day into a very giant tree and creates innumerable other seeds then. It all happened due to motherly care of nature. The seed was a life form, now plant is the same life in a new form. Time and space are, two out of many, pointers of life of beings. Memory creates a notion of time. Gross experiences create the notion of space. Nature and life are well integrated into one another, rather all the same. It is nature all around, and life, life and only life in experience. – Anonymous

Mind and Memory

Mind is inner projection. The mind is an energy imprint. It can not be destroyed. Imprint is memory. A ripple created by throwing a stone in water is an imprint on the water surface. This imprint though becomes invisible because of the threshold, but remains till eternity, if not negated by an equal and opposite nature effect. Effects are created by karma. Imprint finishes only at time infinity if it is reducing in nature. Karma reduces it. Imprints are the memory that contains data and information. Mind exists, so does the memory. Minds are responsible for our fears, traits, merits and demerits, strengths, and weaknesses, as evident since birth. What is projected inside, depends on the ability of sense-perception, and being’s energy imprints? Mind memory is distinct from biological memory which is characteristic of our grey matter. The mind travels from one life to another life of being and accompanies the being in the afterlife, and during the period of life between lives. Biological memory perishes when the gross or physical body is shed. But mind memory is all-pervading, and truly a cosmic component. The memory of the past along with present life conditioning create being’s perceptions and decisions, which in turn create being’s karma. Previous and present karma are the forces, which shape the life of a being. Mind and memory give meaning and purpose to life of a being. – Anonymous

There is whole cosmos inside, outside world is an illusion

The known five senses create their perceptions in the brain. Image is created inside, the sound is heard inside, the smell is felt inside, pinch at the skin, the taste is felt inside and hot or cold is also perceived inside. Then what is outside? There is the whole cosmos inside and outside word is just an illusion. Lord Krishna in his childhood had shown the whole cosmos inside his mouth to his mother Yasoda. Sense and perception improve with meditation and working on inner engineering. In a normal being, the cosmic experiences are too limited, but when, there is an enlightened transition from manliness to godliness with the help of certain practices, the cosmic experiences inside develop to their fullest. It is the purest state of all attributes which define a being. Barriers of time and space get dissolved in this highest state of sense-perception. The being in this highest state of awakening is called Buddha. Space and time remain no limitation then. There is nothing like here and there. There is nothing like past, present, and future. The gross body is completely overpowered by the mind-body and the pranic body of being. These two bodies are subtle. Thus, our experiences also go subtle from gross. It is the state of bliss, the ultimate attainment, and the purpose of life. – Anonymous

Life is an examination, take it easy

Life is a drama, whether the script is sad or happy in nature, after all the drama is only for recreation. Life is a journey, take it easy, take it sincerely, and not seriously. Life changes continuously. Nature contains duality. Bad things will come, but good things will also come. Change is the only constant. Life is an uncertain sequence of scenes. The principle of uncertainty given in science is the only certain principle. Tough situations come in life only to add further to the capacity of beings to rise to the occasion. Life encompasses everything in sense-perception and not just the individual alone. A stray dog in the street next to the house is a part of the life of an individual. Wild grass growing in the lawn of a house is a part of the life of an individual. Attributes of empathy and sympathy are very essential to be present in every being, as it also integrates one being with another, and in a broader perspective with the whole existing creation in experience. On a bigger canvas, and not possessing a sense of self, the mean or average of events to their nature happening at any given point of time is zero. As, life is a trap, a continuous examination, so the only way of leading it successfully, is to take it easy and celebrate it. – Anonymous

Whole cosmic creation is reflection, inspiration and appreciation of each other

Since the whole cosmic creation and emergence of beings happened from a single point of nullity or emptiness or Shiva, therefore all beings are a reflection of each other. I am another you. We all beings are the individuated energies of the same cosmic energy in different energy forms with different proportions of same cosmic matter.
Beings in their natural process of evolution and progression draw inspiration from those who’ve superior physical and spiritual states.
For nature to exist, it is very much essential to appreciate beings. When a squirrel frolics from one branch of a tree to another, squirrel appreciates tree, and tree appreciates squirrel. A flower blooms, spreads fragrance, and creates fruits for some living being. It is all because of appreciation. A plant that is given more attention and appreciation at the level of mind and thoughts grows better than that plant which is though the given sun, water, and manure but no appreciation at the level of mind and thoughts. Sun appears for beings. The wind blows for beings. If beings are not there, there is no existence of sun, wind, plants, mountains, rivers, etc.. – Anonymous

Karma and energy imprints

There are energy and matter in this cosmos. Every being is an accumulated evolving matter with energy inside. Science says that neither matter can be destroyed nor energy. Both can only change their forms. So say the scriptures. Science states two fundamental laws related to transfer and balance of mass (matter) and energy. There is pervading energy everywhere. Karma constantly creates changes in our electromagnetic field (aura), which in turn interacts with the cosmic electromagnetic field existing outside, and creates energy imprints. It is Akashic record. Mobile and other radio signals travel through space through the pervading electromagnetic field. Karma of beings create imprints in the cosmic electromagnetic field which can be neutralised by opposite effects, or will naturally attenuate completely at time infinity. – Anonymous

Karma and Destiny

In every life, karma, and destiny go together. Destiny is also karma. Destiny is a karmic conclusion, which is greatly decided by being in higher realms before birth. Karma of this life makes destiny for the next life. Thus, life is a big trap, a game of karma, in a loop, a roller coaster ride. An awakened and enlightened life can give good riddance from this trap, thus from the circle or loop of birth and death. Destiny is allotted karmic conclusions for the present life, sliced out of accumulated karma of all previous lives. Moksha or ultimate liberation is the purpose of life, which can be attained only after clearing all negative karmas. – Anonymous


Consciousness is the essence of beings. There is individual consciousness of every individuated being and a common consciousness prevailing in this universe called “Universal Consciousness”. Individual Consciousness and Universal Consciousness are well integrated into one another. Universal Consciousness is averaged individual consciousness of beings present in the universe. Consciousness is the degree of Sense – Perception. Consciousness is the manifestation of life energy. The level of individual consciousness can be increased through meditation or journey within. – Anonymous

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