Submission Guidelines

THE RISE – Teaming for Harmony, Equity, and Reforms through Intellectually Stimulated Efforts wishes to create awareness for stimulating the community using the intellectual prowess of the eminent personalities for achieving overall excellence. It is a non-profit initiative. If interested, then please make a contribution to nucleate the positive change in society through the priceless opinion put in the public domain. Submission Guidelines – for the prospective contributors are as under. To know more, click here

Nature of Magazine

It is an online magazine carrying opinion based articles.

Who can write?

Luminaries from different segments of society to opine for realizing harmony, equity, and reform for the overall good of humanity.

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Coverage of Issues

Contemporary issues having relevance to the society are covered. The articles should fall in either of the following categories:

Writing Guide

  1. The article should be an original piece, which has not been submitted elsewhere.
  2. Article length should ideally be between 800-1000 words, which can go up to 1200 words in case it is the need of subject dealt with.
  3. Include highlights in 2-3 sentences giving a description of your piece at the beginning of article under the heading ‘Highlights’.
  4. The article should not be just description, instead, it should be the view of the author, duly covering the relevance of the subject dealt with. The editorial team reserves the right to amend the contents of the article as deemed suitable.
  5. Write it as you’d say it. Short sentences are always better than long rambles.
  6. The article may have at least some counterpoints to the arguments made in it.
  7. Language of the article should be grammatically correct and free from error.
  8. The article should essentially have details of the author in a maximum of 50 words, which may be used to introduce the author.
  9. Authors should submit their good quality photograph. All pictures have to be in .jpeg format and article text in .docx format in separate files.
  10. The facts used in the article should be backed by pieces of evidence and referred in the article explicitly.
  11. Refraining from plagiarism improves the novelty and quality of the article, so please avoid it completely.
  12. Provide Pictures, if needed but these should be owned by the author or the free pictures from any source so that there is no conflict of copyright.  
  13. In view of this being an online magazine, the academic pieces as submitted in academic journals in the form of research papers are not accepted.
  14. Do not submit the articles, already submitted to, for publication elsewhere.

Disclaimer and Responsibility of Author

The responsibility for the content of the articles published on lies solely upon the author. will not be responsible for the consequences, if any. 


There is no deadline. Submissions can be made throughout the year.

How to submit?

Send your articles/opinions by email to Please note that the submission of an article by email means that the author has adhered to the guidelines and is well aware of the disclaimer and his/her responsibilities as author.

We don’t provide any monetary compensation to the authors. The platform is for motivated experts willing to educate the people through their knowledge and expertise.

Republishing articles are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

The following guidelines must be followed for republished the original content of

  • You must credit the author as listed on the original article (ideally in the byline), and as the source, and also provide a link back to the specific web address of the article on’s website (not the homepage of
  • articles are published under the Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0) Creative Commons license. That means you cannot translate our features (see below for more information) or edit/change the material except to reflect relative changes in time, location, or basic editorial style (for example, “yesterday” can be changed to “last week,” and “London, UK.” to “London” or “here”, and “organization” to “organisation”). To request material edits contact us.
  • If you are republishing online, you must link to the original story and include the original links embedded in the story.
  • Headlines should be rewritten, as doing so works better for and for republishers, as well — otherwise our version and a republisher’s will come up during the same web search.

Do write to promote creativity and healthy discussions in society.

Let’s Rise Together !!