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About Vichaar believes in opening up the domain of opinions to educated and aware youth. Vichaar is an initiative to bring in the voices of the future to the present, to have the stakeholders of the future heard so that we can lay the foundations of the world our future generations want to live in. Vichaar envisions breaking open the domain of op-eds to the youth of the country, and the world.

Open to school/college/university students of India as well as abroad, the opinions can be written on any issue which the applicant feels novel as well as important for the society to contemplate upon. This is a space for students who hold strong and rational views on any subject/issue to let the world know about their viewpoint!

We invite the students to become a part of the change they want to see in the world!

Break open your thoughts to the world!


The submission must be original work of the student in maximum 1000 words on any contemporary issue. The student must fill the form below for submitting the piece.

Each fortnight will have two winners opining on two different subjects. The winners will get their pieces published on the portal! If a student gets his/her opinions published at least thrice, he/she will become a contributing author of the portal.

Important Dates

Each Month

    *If you have any trouble filling up the form, please mail your article to Ensure that all the details requested in the above form are mentioned in the mail. Without complete details, entries will be disqualified.