Terms & Conditions: Vichaar

  1. The entry is open to bonafide students of schools, colleges, and Universities in India and abroad.
  2. The entry for submission is free of cost, however, it will be complete only after the requisite forms, disclosures, and enclosures as specified are submitted. The incomplete submissions shall be cancelled automatically and no communication shall be made in this regard.
  3. A student can submit only one entry of not more than 1000 words in English language in a particular week starting from Monday to Saturday. In case of multiple entries being submitted by any student, the first submission shall only be considered.
  4. If you face problems sending your entries through the form, you can send in your entries to ideas@therise.co.in with the subject – “Vichaar_Submission_Your_Name”. All details mentioned on the form must be sent via email. Entries without complete details will be disqualified.
  5. In the event of any issues pertaining to challenge or doubt of integrity, veracity, genuineness, authenticity, fairness or otherwise of any submitted entry or student applicant, TheRise.co.in will exercise its sole discretion, withdraw his /her submission at any stage, not limited to withdrawal or cancellation of the declaration of winner(s).
  6. Every entry has to be the original work of the student submitting it and should have not been published elsewhere in any form or for any other purpose.
  7. The submitted entries shall become the property of TheRise.co.in.
  8. Canvassing in any form shall lead to cancellation of the candidature in respective week or as decided by TheRise.co.in.
  9. TheRise.co.in shall have sole rights in matters concerning eligibility, conduction of Vichaar, finalization & announcement of winner(s), date of declaration of result, distribution of prizes,  and all related matters thereof for which no correspondence of whatsoever nature will be entertained by TheRise.co.in.
  10. TheRise.co.in reserves all rights to accept/reject submissions, finalize the winner(s) and in pursuance thereof, to publish the content of submission entry with or without the photograph of the submitting student (applicant) and also use the details submitted for promotional activities as and when needed. 
  11. TheRise.co.in shall be directly contacting the applicant(s) declared as winner(s).
  12. TheRise.co.in reserves all rights to suspend, cancel, and/or modify terms and conditions of the Vichaar any time without any intimation to the concerned.
  13. The decision taken by TheRise.co.in on any issues pertaining to Vichaar shall be final and no correspondence shall be entertained in this regard.
  14. No claim of whatsoever nature shall be entertained if the winner(s) fail(s) to accept the Prize(s) by TheRise.co.in. No cash shall be payable in lieu of the prize.
  15. After the successful submission by a student, he/she is deemed to have read and agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of the Vichaar – an initiative of TheRise.co.in.