This section deals with Cartoons on contemporary life issues. Creative sketches are used for sensitizing the readers about the contemporary life issues demonstrated through cartoons. The cartoons are available every day on the homepage of, however, they are replaced periodically. Currently, cartoons are available as Cartoon of the week. Cartoons are also available in consolidated form in the cartoon section. Cartoons are meant to pictorially communicate the ongoing discourses as well as the happenings around in the society.

It has been felt that there are numerous individuals, who are unable to express their creativity through sketching. The cartoons have great potential to communicate effectively which can not be done otherwise in so many words. The cartoons and cartoonists need public space for being accessible to the society. The Cartoons section aims at providing a platform to express creativity with the sole aim to connect the issues around for humour.

Quotes welcomes individuals with creativity to please come forward and submit their creations for being displayed as the Cartoons on provided they are found appropriate by the editorial team.