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Lockdown Guidelines For Lockdown 3.0

Lockdown has been extended for the third time in India. Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India has issued the Lockdown Guidelines for Lockdown 3.0. India has started lockdown from 24th March 2020. For the lockdown extended from 4th May 2020, the districts in the country have been classified into red, orange, and green categories. The lockdown guidelines for lockdown 3.0 have the degree of restrictions varying as per the classification of the districts in the country. Red category places have the highest number of restrictions, followed by orange category and green category places. However, the lockdown has been gradually lifted to start economic activities. Even the red category having the maximum number of cases has also been allowed to start certain activities with the conditions prescribed in the lockdown guidelines. Maximum relief has been granted to the green category places and declines in the order of orange and red category places. The relief granted to bring normalcy back to life is likely to ease out the life of countrymen. The central Government guidelines for lockdown 3.0 have come with the respite to the major parts of the country. The maximum number of districts in the country are in the green category, hence it is big relief. However, health workers and police people will continue to maintain the lockdown across the country as per provisions of the guidelines and the state Government direction.

COVID-19 Pictorial

India is a fortunate country with respect to the infected cases as compared to certain other parts of the world. The health infrastructure of the country and its citizens appear to be prepared for confronting COVID-19 with the utmost positivity and courage. Letus hope that tthe country continues to combat the devastating coronavirus with the help of corona warriors in different forms.

Source: https://www.mha.gov.in

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