Terms & Conditions for TheRise Internship Programme

Terms & conditions for TheRise Internship Programme are as under.

  1. TheRise Internship Programme is an online programme for which the necessary facilities/ infrastructure should be available with the applicant.
  2. You must provide accurate and legitimate information while registration. If any misrepresentation of information is found at any stage, TheRise.co.in reserves the right to reject your internship. The sole responsibility of the consequences arising out of it lies with the candidate.
  3. If you applied for the internship and received communication from TheRise.co.in you must positively respond in three working days.
  4. In the internship period, the intern may have access to certain data which should not be sold/transferred/shared with any other entity during the internship as well as post-internship. The ownership of the data and documents generated during the internship lies with TheRise.co.in.
  5. Application for a certain internship doesn’t mean that you will get it.
  6. Any misbehaviour/misconduct by the intern will lead to the termination of internship and legal proceedings as deemed suitable.
  7. The internship is solely for learning & educational purposes and it should not be expected that the internship will result in employment with TheRise.co.in.
  8. The intern may receive supervision by an appropriate supervisor.
  9. The intern is not entitled to wages or any compensation or benefits for the time spent in the internship.
  10. TheRise.co.in is not liable for injury sustained, damage to personal property or health conditions that may arise for the unpaid intern during the course of the internship.
  11. TheRise.co.in may at any time in its sole discretion, terminate the internship without notice or cause.
  12. The intern will adhere to the guidelines issued regarding the internship. Intern will demonstrate honesty, punctuality, courtesy, cooperative attitude, proper health and grooming habits, appropriate dress and a willingness to learn while interacting with others during the internship.
  13. The intern will obey the policies, rules and regulations of the TheRise.co.in and comply with them.
  14. At the end of the internship, the intern will furnish the final report and the associated data and information pertaining to the unpaid internship to TheRise.co.in.
  15. Intern assumes all of the risks of participating in the internship program. In consideration of the opportunity provided to the intern to participate in the internship program, intern hereby agrees that he/she, his/her assignees, heirs, guardians, and legal representatives, will not make a claim against TheRise.co.in and/or any of its affiliated organizations.
  16. The duration of the internship programme may be altered with mutual consent.
  17. The intern will be awarded a verifiable digital Certificate upon successful completion of the internship. The worthy outcomes of the internship may be published on this portal and associated social media channels.
  18. TheRise.co.in reserves the right to modify the above Terms and Conditions of TheRise Internship Programme without any notice.