Author: Nandini Sen

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The Astonishing Relevance of Cinema: Five 20th Century Classics that Need to be Watched

There are certain films whose relevance transcends the boundaries of time and age. By embracing the leitmotifs of human struggle across the ages, such films appear to be true witnesses of the past and foretellers of the future all at once. Here is a list of five cinematic masterpieces that are startlingly relevant as the tumultuous first quarter of the 21st century nears its end.

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Poetry as a Tool of Dissent in Modern-Day Authoritarian Regimes

The recitation of poems and songs at the anti-CAA protests was in keeping with the near-universal practice of deploying poetry to question, challenge, and condemn. Poetry is commonly seen as a tool of dissent in Modern Day Authoritarian Regime in countries like China, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia. Ironically, all over the world, the violent governments that invest millions of dollars in arms and ammunition are precisely the ones hurt most by the weapon of poetry!

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