International Relations: Choices or Concerns

The dichotomy of realists’ pessimism and liberalists’ optimism frames political debates globally. With international relations often dominated by authoritarian tactics, democracy becomes a challenging but desirable method in garnering global consensus. Though imperfect, democracy can offer strategies for balancing emotion and reason in its practices. Autocratic and democratic nations approach these issues differently. International society strives for a universal experience, aiming for cooperation despite differing political ideologies. Thoughts are converging, ushering in an anthropocentric world focused on existential rationality and mitigating global catastrophe.

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Odisha: A Guiding Light for Sports Tourism and Paradiplomacy

Hosting the FIH Hockey Men’s World Cup 2023, Odisha is the first state in India to host the event for the second time in a row. This is an important feat and highlights the fact that Odisha — along with Punjab — has emerged as a key nursery for Indian hockey. Odisha’s focus on sports, especially hockey, also shows that every state should create its own template for economic prosperity and give a boost to tourism. Its success in hockey, where all stakeholders have worked in harmony, is important not just from the dimension of sports but also economy and para-diplomacy. Other states should seek to emulate its success!

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A Rundown of Sports Diplomacy

The ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar once again highlights the importance of sports in foreign relations. Sports, over the years, have helped unite nation-states with opposing ideologies. Diplomacy through sports harnesses soft power in geopolitics. Major sporting events like the Dynamo Moscow Football Tour after WWII stands as a testament to two rival countries coming together to settle their indifferences through the means of sport. The ping-pong game between China and the US helped end two decades of animosity between Sino-US relations. In recent years, sports diplomacy has been used to promote legitimate means of peace and development infrastructure in countries while hosting major sporting events. A country with a strategy of sports diplomacy will benefit in economic development and will leave a positive impact.

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The Rise of Paradiplomacy: Harnessing Odisha’s ASEAN Connect to Attract Investment

There has been a paradigm shift in practices of wooing investors for boosting the economy. States have been attempting through special summits. Indonesia and Odisha have shared historical links. Every year in November, the festival of ‘Bali Yatra’ celebrated commemorates the maritime history of Odisha and Bali (Indonesia). In this regard, India’s outreach and connectivity vis-à-vis ASEAN should focus on harnessing the historical linkages and geographical advantages which states possess with respect to the ASEAN region.

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